Saturday, March 2, 2013

Samsung ARM Chromebook power connector?

I have a Samsung XE303C12-A01US sitting around, and I was trying to determine what kind of power connector it uses.  The outer diameter measures 2.48mm.  I can't measure the pin directly, but I'm able to fit a 0.63mm wire into the hole fairly snugly.

I tried ordering one of the "2.5mm x 0.7mm" connectors available on eBay, and it's not quite right.  The outer diameter is perfect, but it holds the pin too loosely to maintain a solid connection.

So what you really need is a "2.5mm x (something less than 0.7mm)" connector, but I can't find anything like that for sale, or on Wikipedia.  Maybe it's a custom part?


Unknown said...

I'm looking for an extra AC adapter that costs less than $70, and found that the plug used by Samsung is not compliant with the EIAJ RC-5320A standard (center pin too short). I bought some Philmore 2359 plugs, which are non-compliant also (no retaining groove). The spec says the center pin of the jack should be 8 mm long. On the XE303C12 it is only 4.5 mm long. On the Philmore plug the center contact is recessed into the tip by 5 mm, which is according to the spec, but the pin on the Chromebook doesn't quite meet it. A couple similar connectors have a much shorter recess. I filed the tip of the Philmore plug shorter and got it to work, but since this plug does not have the retaining groove it's real easy for the plug to slide out. It might be that spec is vague, or maybe it's just sloppy engineering all around.

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